10 Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys

This is the age where your boy child’s curiosity and learning curve goes up. It is one of the stages where he is very active on all fronts. Furthermore, this is the age on which to lay a firm foundation for him as it will most likely set the precedence on how his growth and development will turn out going forward. In this regard, the following are some 10 Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys to enjoy even more.

The Little Boys’ Soccer Set Hover

With this set of play accessories, any nearby flat surface can be converted into a soccer field. The set comes with double goals for soccer, including soccer and hockey balls, which are both hybrids. What a way for your little boy and his friends to spend their day?

Toy Robots for Boys

Things have never been this better. This type of robot will keep him very busy. This robotic machine can talk, walk, dance, and most likely, your boy will love it just as much. Besides, it can also be programmed to function alone instead of the remote control. To see this toy, go to

The Live Dragon Ice Robo

This beautiful ice dragon will most likely take both his curiosity and imagination to a whole new level, especially with its blue color including its ice-cold breathing, body movement, and how its eyes come alive when it becomes angry.

The Super Stomp 4-Rocket Kit

This type of toy will mostly fascinate your little boy and his bunch of friends and since it can fly the better. It is a four kit toy and with the use of power from the legs, it can shoot up to a range of about 200 meters. It can also present a good learning curve for his growth and development.

Talking Microscope GeoSafari Jr. And Educational Ideas

This is mostly about how science works. The main aim here is to get him to know more about this topic as early as possible.

The RacerZ Designer ZOOB Car

With this toy, he can create up to four other unique models, and three of the same, including a twelve wheel transport vehicle, with these 76 pieces. One of the best ways for him to use his creativity.

42072 LEGO Technic Toy Stunt Car Push Back Building Kit

These 135 pieces of engineering masterpiece toy are most ideal for both sexes. They can best be used for individual or interactive playing sessions as well.

The SuperLab Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor

The best way to witness a chemical reaction first hand. It will also enable him to learn early enough about the makings of a laboratory.

The Huisun Jumbo Foam Building Blocks Constructive Bricks Santa

Apart from playing, these 136 pieces will put their creative and imaginative nature to test. It will also help fine-tune their hand to eye coordination including motor skills.

Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

This is a very safe indoor game for kids. Besides, everything here is magnetic. From the boards to the darts. Hence, kids will not get into harm’s way with it. See more of this on.

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