A closer look at the technology that is driving the real estate market

We’re currently in an age where technology is intertwined with almost every facet of life. Anywhere from the way we use money to how we communicate with our loved ones, technological advances are constantly changing the ways in which we live out our days. In the real estate industry, there are quite a few ways in which tech has shaped the way people buy and sell houses. Especially in 2021, after over a year of social distancing and lockdowns, those in the real estate industry are relying on technology more than ever. If you’re interested in buying or selling a home in the next few months, here is a closer look at the technology that’s driving the real estate market and how you can use it to your advantage. 


Financial Tools

Buying a house is a major financial decision that requires a lot of planning and saving. While older generations had to rely more on their own resources or hiring a financial advisor, younger people presently have access to countless online tools to help them take out a mortgage. Just by opening up your smartphone, you can pre-qualify for a home, check your credit score, create a budget, and use a home value estimator to find out how much your home is worth. Not only will these tools speed up the process, they will also help you make more informed decisions about purchasing a home. 


Real Estate Focused Sites

Finding your dream home or selling your current one is made easier with the help of online selling tools and websites. These sites can show you the ins and outs of properties from across the world without you having to leave your living room. Online databases for homes will oftentimes show you high-quality photos, the price, any relevant features and amenities, and much more. This makes narrowing down your search much easier and more concise, especially if you’re buying and selling at the same time


In addition to online databases for homes, some websites will also help you find a Realtor or even sell your home for cash. Online investment companies will use technology to find homes on the market, purchase them for close to the asking price, and use their platform to sell the house online. These companies take out a lot of the work and effort that people need to sell a home.


Virtual Tours

When the pandemic hit the United States hard, people scrambled to find ways to continue to conduct business without having to put themselves and others at risk of becoming ill. In the world of real estate, people were still going about buying and selling houses. Instead of in-person meet-and-greets, virtual showings were the new mode of introducing a property. During this time, people became really clever with how they would use technology to show off a property. This included live walkthroughs as well as pre-recorded ones where the agent or seller would use effects, music, and voiceovers to creatively show off a house. According to insights from top agents, the next few months are going to be fast-moving, and we can expect virtual showings to still play a significant role. 


Technology is constantly evolving, and therefore so is real estate. We can expect to see a lot of new changes and updates to the way we buy and sell houses in the near future. What are you excited to take advantage of?

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