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Tips For Buying Used Cars

If you want to buy a used car then you should consider using a buyer’s guide. You see a buyers’ guide as a “virtual tour” of the vehicle you are

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Don’t Let Rats Run Riot in Your Home

Any pest infestation can be annoying, but having rats in your home can be a particular nuisance, net alone disgusting and dangerous. If you let rats run riot in your

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AI Customer Service Automation Highlights

AI is becoming a key selling point of every e-commerce startup. But until now, most of those products focused on the business side. AI has the potential to improve customer

Excessive Phone Use

Injuries Caused by Excessive Phone Use

If you are one of the millions of people around the world who have suffered an injury caused by excessive phone use, you might have been told that there was

Data Privacy Act

New Data Privacy Rules in New Zealand

The current Data Privacy Act in New Zealand allows for personal information to be shared by the New Zealand government. Information about you such as your name, address, contact details

Educational Apps

Apps to Keep Kids Thinking And Learning

The latest trend in the educational technology industry is apps to keep kids thinking and learning. These apps allow children to access online games, puzzles, games and other interactive software

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