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Are you looking to improve the productivity of your sales teams and close more deals? Managers and salespeople understand the power of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and how they can organize and automate many aspects of the prospecting, sales, and follow-up processes.

CRMs are highly customizable, allowing for software integrations for other useful tools that improve the employee experience (EX). One of the most innovative tools available in the CRM click to dial service, and this post examines how this tool can boost your business.


What is CRM Click to Dial?

CRM click to dial is software transforming all your customer phone numbers into clickable links. A salesperson can click this link from within the CRM, and the system connects them to the client or prospect using VOIP or other phone systems integrated into the system.

While this feature might seem somewhat arbitrary, it’s very handy for firms where agents need to make hundreds of calls per day. Taking the effort out of manually dialing the number increases productivity, allowing reps to reach more prospects during the workday.


CRM Click to Dial – A Sales Essential

CRM click to dial is fast becoming an essential component of the sales workflow. Salespeople that want to reach more prospects benefit from the seamless integration of the click to dial software into any CRM system, allowing for faster turnarounds between calls.

The average salesperson’s workflow relies on pulling up the client account on the CRM and dialing out the number on a keypad while retrieving it from the screen. It’s common for reps to make dialing mistakes or produce double-work, writing the number down before heading to the phone.

With CRM click to dial, you get seamless integration into the CRM, allowing your reps to simply click the linked number to get in touch with the client or prospect.

CRM click to dial represents the latest innovation in the evolution of Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI), and it’s fast becoming the crux of sales communications. CTI integrates with your CRM at the front and backend, supplying your salespeople with features to enhance the efficiency of workflows.

CRM click to dial lets your sales teams improve their call volumes and the quality of their sales calls. However, there are plenty of benefits to implementing this tech in your organization. Here are some top reasons to implement a CRM click to dial solution in your sales teams.


Improve Your Lead Response Time

Lead response time is one of the most critical metrics in sales performance analysis. Essentially, this metric represents the time between the organization receiving a lead and the sales team calling the prospect.

Studies show that shorter lead response times improve conversion. With CRM click to dial, you set up your CRM to list all inbound leads, distributing them to your sales teams. The salesperson receives a list of prospects to call, and all they have to do is click the link.

High call volume environments often experience leads being pushed to the back of the queue, resulting in longer lead response times. Implementing a tech solution like CRM click to dial ensures better prospect management and improved conversion for your sales team.


Allow Reps to Make Calls In-Context

Managers can link their CRM click to dial to a screen pop feature that brings up all the client or prospect particulars and notes for the salesperson. This handy feature lets the salesperson read through client updates from other team members, allowing them to get back on the same page.

A screen pop can make the difference between closing the prospect and losing the deal. The first few seconds of any sales call are vital. With your customer data on hand, you’ll have an easier time engaging the client or prospect if you get into their business right away.


CRM Click to Dial – Supercharge Your Customer Service

CRM click to dial isn’t only for sales teams; it’s a great way to improve your customer service department as well. With the right tech on hand, your customer service agents have everything they need to attend to customer queries as fast as possible.


Better Service Metrics

One of the biggest areas where organizations fail is in their promises to return calls to their customers and prospects. Failing to return a call is like telling the prospect they don’t matter. We’re sure there are plenty of instances where your sales team let the lead response time get too long, or they forgot to call a customer back as promised.

Incorporating CRM click to dial allows companies to manage the service ticket process efficiently. As a result, service agents can focus on each call, making it easier for them to handle workloads involving hundreds of calls per day.

CTI features like CRM click-to-call allows service agents to focus on customer concerns without any distractions.


Save on Resources

High-volume call centers are always looking for ways to make their staff more efficient. Trimming down your call times and eliminating double work involved with retrieving customer details and making a sales call is paramount to profitability in these settings.

The introduction of CRM click to dial solutions can dramatically reduce the costs of running and managing a call center while improving profitability and conversion rates.

Seconds saved with CRM click to dial are important in workplace environments where hundreds or thousands of service agents make outbound calls. The savings your company makes with reducing the time taken between calls will improve operational functions like employee engagement, workforce management, and call-queue management.


Wrapping Up – Enhance Your Strategy and Results with CRM Click to Dial

If your company is already utilizing the power of CRM solutions, adding a software component like CRM click to dial will supercharge your sales processes. It’s a simple solution with a powerful impact on your sales teams and their results.

CTI features like CRM click-to-call give your client-facing salespeople more time and flexibility in the sales process, allowing for better client and prospect interactions. It’s hard to find another software solution that can have a bigger impact on your sales teams.


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