Latest Car Tech in the Manufacturers’ Market

If you are looking for an exciting way to add some spice and zing in your life, then what better option than the latest car technology. With the advancement of mobile technology, your life can be full of zing and fun, especially with your favorite android auto head unit. If you are planning to buy a new head unit for your car, it is imperative that you should go through a proper process to get one that fits your needs. To make this easier for you, we have come up with the list of five latest car technologies which are currently playing a big role in providing fun and entertainment to its users.


A new car tech you must know about is the Dash Cams. Dash cams are used mostly by banks for their ATM and credit card transactions. In fact, banks are investing more time and money to install the latest car techs to make transactions convenient for their customers. This new car tech is installed inside your car through dash cams to provide you a record of every move of your vehicle. Apart from recording your every move, this Dash cam also allows you to see who is driving your vehicle and if there are any suspicious activities going on.


Another latest car technology worth knowing about is In-Car Navigation Systems or infotainment systems. Although this new car technology has been around for quite some time already but it is only recently that manufacturers started integrating it into new cars. Basically, these new car techs allow you to enjoy all kinds of entertainment features right inside your car. In fact, you will find this new car technology very helpful especially for those drivers who have limited knowledge of the road and its surroundings.


Another latest car tech worth knowing about is the car alarm. Automotive industry is focusing more on protecting their customers from malicious attacks that may occur due to car theft. One such way to protect your vehicle is by installing an auto alarms system which can detect intruders and will automatically engage the car’s system so as to warn you and other motorists about an intrusion. The latest car techs used in self-driving cars can also protect you from remote starting of the engine or the locking and unlocking of doors and windows.


The last and one of the most important car tech being integrated into self-driving cars today is the predictive maintenance system. This is the most vital auto tech that will enable you to enjoy a trouble-free driving experience even when you are behind the wheel. Basically, this predictive maintenance tech uses real-time data provided by onboard computer to guide you about the ideal time when you should bring your car to maintenance. This can help you save a lot of money as well as avoid unnecessary repairs on your car parts. The other reason why this is considered as one of the most significant car tech being integrated into self-driving cars is because this auto tech ensures that the car performs perfectly while you are away from the wheel.


The touch screen of your smartphone is capable of connecting with your new car playback head unit. With the help of this touch screen, you will be able to easily control all the buttons and functions of your new car technology. This will provide you easy access to your phone’s menu, so you can quickly switch between music play, voice dialing, Bluetooth connectivity and other similar functions. The new android auto-tech also enables you to enjoy hands-free call quality. You can simply use the phone’s front camera to check out the traffic or the weather.

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