Top Reasons Why it’s Important to Mobile-Optimize Your New Website

A website is the face of any business today. But is it only enough to have a website? Let us come straight to the point. The sole purpose of having a website is to drive more online traffic toward it. And then use it as a means for increasing your sales. But creating a website alone will not increase your traffic sharply. For that you need to have a custom website design that will enhance the user experience, resulting in greater conversion.

With the world having gone mobile, the need for people to perform online searches while on the move has become a necessity. Whether on streets, in metros, cars, buses, or anywhere else, the sight of people glued to their mobile devices is perhaps one of the most predominant ones. With this trend the applicability of a desktop has reduced considerably, making mobile-optimization of your website the most important criterion when launching a new website.

Mobile and desktop being two kinds of devices, the user experiences are also bound to vary on both these platforms. If your website is only desktop compatible, you may lose out on potential customers. Because their experiences of accessing your website from their mobile devices may not be user-friendly. So having a custom website design is a must. Mobile-optimization of your website is not about a slight re-arrangement of content here and there. It is about overhauling the entire user experience to make it suitable for smaller screens.

Let us dig deeper into the reasons for mobile optimization of your website to understand the

core of it.

Top reasons for mobile-optimizing your new website

Mobile non-compatible website can hinder conversion – A desktop has a larger screen compared to a mobile device. When a user accesses your website on their mobile device, their experience can become frustrating, if the website is not designed in accordance with smaller screens. The greater loading time of the website, painstaking search for scroll bars, search options or the mere illegibility of buttons may immediately put off users. This can be a major stumbling block to conversion. Because the longer the user is forced to spend on your website, or the steeper inconveniences they face, the less likely they are to purchase your product or service.

Adopting a responsive design attracts more customers – Keeping the needs of your business in mind, you can design your website in a simple, minimalist, yet user-friendly manner. But this is easier said than done. If we take the example of an e-commerce site, we would see how congested the site can get, given the thousands of products it is loaded up with.

So to make it easier to navigate, you can adopt a design that is 100% responsive. According to this design the website will be fully optimized in keeping with the size of the mobile device. The top bar will be replaced with a hamburger menu and the images will become smaller. The button sizes will be customized to enable better grip by the user. The need for scrolling will also be reduced and a mobile-optimized site will have a separate URL, too. But this custom website design, will not make your site look any less attractive.

Gives users an unhindered mobile experience – To ensure a hassle-free experience of the users, you need to do the following:

  • Use large buttons with call-to-action (CTA) which makes it easier for users to contact your business with a simple click.
  • Keep the images small.
  • Install auto-detect location settings that includes the incorporation of maps. A simple click inside the website leads the users to their GPS application which allows them to use your website more comfortably.
  • Provide auto-fill form fields so that the user is not required to type anything unless absolutely required.
  • Allow guest checkout option.
  • Replace scrolling with multiple screen option.
  • Avoid pop-ups as it can make the user experience stressful.
  • Use viewport meta tag to ensure your website can be accommodated in a small device

Allows greater customer reach – A simple and uncluttered design will attract more customers toward your website. Once there is an uptick in customer satisfaction, your credibility as a business entity will also increase, resulting in quicker conversions.

Increases your website’s ranking – Google keeps a tab on the website activity and ranks them based on traffic. A mobile-optimized website will ensure you have a higher user retention rate. This will eventually improve your site’s ranking.


You can either incorporate the above steps yourself or take the help of a professional. But make sure your website is mobile-optimized to give users an optimal experience.

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