Home Repair

Whether you are a homeowner, or you are in a rented apartment, there are some home repairs you can handle. Instead of calling a handyman every time you need a minor repair, buy this home repair equipment, you will be grateful you have them.


A claw hammer is a handy tool in every household. It is ridiculous to call a handyman to drive a nail through a wall. That simple task does not require any training. When you need to use small gauge nails, you can use a tack hammer.


A few times, you will need to tighten those loose screws. Have a set of assorted screwdrivers.

Ensure you have flathead and Phillips screwdrivers because they are common.


It will be useless to have a hammer and screwdrivers when you have no nails and screws. Have a variety of nails and screws. You will need them to fasten the woods or attaching various items on the wall.

The types of nails and screws available in the market are;


When doing repairs, you will need to pull some nails or bend wires. Your fingers cannot apply the force required to get the job done. Have pliers with you to ease your work.


Spare your teeth; I am sure you loathe dentist visits. Snips will help you trim wires and other metallic cords with ease.

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There are some objects that you fasten using bolts and nuts. Have assorted wrenches or an adjustable wrench to loosen or tighten the bolts. I would recommend you get two adjustable wrenches; you will use them even on minor plumbing repairs.

Utility Knife

When you need to trim that wallpaper or open a box, a scissor may be tricky to use. A utility knife will come in handy. Purchase one with ergonomic design and storage within the handle.


You all know the pieces of a power-saw cut. But you don’t need it in the store, purchase a handsaw. It is easier to use, and most minor home repairs will not require a power-saw.

You can have a Japanese saw or a traditional western saw. Base your choice on the ease of use.

Voltage Tester

A voltage test will be useful when you are fixing an electrical socket or changing the light bulb. It helps you identify the cable carrying charge, hence protecting you from electric shock.


It is dangerous to use stools and chairs to reach the ceiling. Get yourself a step ladder to reach those areas higher than your reach. The ladder will also be useful when trimming your fence in case you have a live fence.

House Painting Tools

A simple task as painting the house does not require a professional painter. You can utilise video resources online and learn how to paint. Have all the painting tools and use your leisure time to paint the walls. Handle the task with your spouse and children and the job will be fun.

Measuring Tools

Sometimes you will need to replace that rotten piece of wood. Your eyes can only make an estimation. However, you need accurate measurements; otherwise, your item will be distorted.

Invest in a good tape measure that will not be resistant to heat and tension.

Safety Gears

When you are handling home repairs, minor accidents are likely to occur. Protect yourself using the following gear;


I am right to say your basement has dim lights. It’s common among basements. A flashlight will give you enough light as you do the minor repairs. You will also need it around the house when there is a power outage in your area.


Finally, you will need to keep your tools organised. A nice and durable toolbox will help you trace your tools with ease. It will also protect your tools from damage.


You don’t need to use money every time minor damages occur in the house. Get yourself the mentioned home repair equipment and add the money to your savings.

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