Seasonal Gifts

It is the tradition of all people to offer gifts during holiday seasons. However, you may get stranded on what gifts to offer on various occasions. This guide will show you the gifts for various occasions. However, you should note that some gifts can be offered on different holidays while others are specific for a particular holiday.

General Gifts for all Holidays

You can offer your loved ones the following gifts on any holiday. You can customise some of the items to fit the occasion and the person receiving the gifts. The following gifts will leave your loved ones with smiles on their faces.

Gifts Exclusive for Specific Holidays

Mini Cord Organizer

Everyone owns a smartphone. Therefore, they must have a cord be it earphones or charger. These mini cord organiser will prevent the cables from littering everything.

Toilet Spray

It sounds funny, but this is a perfect gift for your buddies. The spray works magic to counter odours in the toilet. However, you should be careful with who you offer this gift. Some people would not take it kindly.

Inspirational Pillow

Everyone loves pillows. The customised message will remind your loved ones they are always in your heart. It can increase the bond between you and your spouse or children. It is also capable of softening the heart of your harsh mother-in-law.

Cute Critter Pencil Set

Children will celebrate this pencil set. They are fancy and durable. Be the favourite auntie this holiday by offering cute critter pencil sets to your nephews and nieces.

Grandma’s Journal

Let your grandma know you treasure every moment you share with her. Document those sweet moments and gift her during any holiday.

Reusable Metal Straws

It’s time to save the planet. The disposable plastic straws are out of fashion. Get your loved ones this metal straws, do not worry about hygiene, they come with a washing brush, so they will always use a clean straw.

Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser does not have to be bulky. Let your friends know you care about them. The mini diffuser will humidify their room and freshen it with the scent of their choice.

Beaded Bookmark

Plain bookmarks are not exciting anymore. Beaded bookmarks will encourage them to read more. It also looks cute hanging from the pages of a book.

Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag

Sometimes suitcases look alike, do not let your mom’s suitcase get lost in the airport on her trip to Singapore. Gift her with a vintage suitcase luggage tag.

Aluminium Water Bottle

The advantage of this water bottle is you can get it customised for the intended recipient.

Desktop Charging Stand

Besides charging the phone, this desktop charging stand is aesthetic. Decorate your fathers-in-law’s desk with this antique.

Pizza Socks

A pizza box will not last a whole holiday, but this pizza socks will last several holidays. It is a perfect gift for any holiday to the food lovers.

Wine Soaps

The scent is heavenly. Surprise your spouse this holiday with this wine scented soap. It is a perfect alternative for flowers.

Velvet Hair Scrunchie

Teenagers are in their self-awareness age. The assorted colour velvet hair scrunchie will encourage her experiment colours while keeping her ponytail neat.

Roller Skates

Here is something for the boys; however, sporty girls can have them too. Their holidays can never be this interesting. You can get them skiing gear during the winter season.


There are several gifts you can offer on various holidays. Select a gift basing on your relationship with the recipient.

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