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Trust Grid Real-World Deployment in Action

New data-sharing tools that turn publicly available credit card records into interactive maps are now online, and are already making serious waves. The open-source, community-created data sharing platforms use technology

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Do You Actually Need a Pet Door?

Here’s why a pet door is a good idea. If you have a dog, especially a large one, and you don’t have a yard, it’s probably cheaper to purchase a

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The Characteristics of a Great Salesperson

A good salesperson is consistent with their message. Sales professionals who make a habit of putting the right messages out there will be remembered by their audience because they sound

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Best rural towns to move to with kids

Deciding where to buy your first home can be a tough decision especially if you have a couple of little ones to think about too. Not only do you have

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The Best Software Companies That Help Teens

Mark Zuckerberg created the software that became Facebook’s popular social network when he was still at Harvard. He founded the company from his dorm room that day and became a

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Is Timber Frame Construction Worth The Money?

Timber frame construction offers a viable alternative for home builders to build a single, unique family home. Building a timber frame annex is a flexible solution to what you are

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Guide to Buying Products For Seniors

A guide to buying products for the elderly can be one of the most helpful purchases that you will make. Especially if you have recently moved into an assisted living

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