Best rural towns to move to with kids

Deciding where to buy your first home can be a tough decision especially if you have a couple of little ones to think about too. Not only do you have to consider your own job, how far away from work you want to live and if you can be transferred but you also need to think about schools, catchment areas and a safe neighbourhood to give you peace of mind for your children’s future. Luckily with schemes like shared ownership creating close knit communities of young professionals, first time buyers and families you can get the best for everyone in some sought-after areas across the UK.




If you work in the capital or simply don’t want to be too far from it then Surrey is a great region to keep in mind. Well known for its affluence, beautiful landscape and village feel, Surrey is a dreamy spot to call home and what’s even better is this area is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country. From grammar schools to independent to state schools, Surrey has its youngest generation at its heart and with its very own top-rated university, you can be sure your children will thrive here. Shared Ownership Surrey offers affordable homes in this swanky south side of London and with great transport connections and a great reputation there’s a lot to love about buying a home here.




This area is sandwiched between some of the best places to get education and that is Oxford, Cambridge and London. A rural county peppered in villages, parishes and close communities, Bedfordshire is a warming place to live that will have you feeling at home right away. With London less than 45 minutes away and an area decorated in nature reserves, untouched landscape and country parks, shared ownership Bedfordshire ticks all the boxes.




If you’re looking for somewhere a little further north then shared ownership Cheshire is a steal. This area is well-established for its high-ranking schools and countryside setting with many celebrities calling this area home. On the cusp of the powerhouse of the North, Manchester, Cheshire is around the corner from all the action if you fancy a date night and some retail therapy while also having its own swanky nightlife scene with Alderley Edge and Chester offering up a great range of bars and restaurants. Shared Ownership Cheshire allows you to settle down in this sought-after area at a far more comfortable price while still collecting all the benefits of this desirable neighbourhood.




If you’re looking for somewhere with a really close community feel and a tight-knit neighbourhood then shared ownership Derbyshire is well worth looking into. An area with families at its heart, Derbyshire’s high streets are lined with family-run butchers, bakeries, boutiques and pubs. A proper northern community where everyone looks after each other, there’s always a neighbour to watch your little ones as you pop out and the warming welcome of small village life, this area is just perfect for families.


So whichever shared ownership homes take your fancy, there is something for everyone whether you’re a small family, just-starting-out family or soon-to-be family.

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